5 Steps for Quick Change

We all search for ways to develop results in our lives as quickly and easily as possible. Although there is no magic bullet that solves every problem, there are techniques, strategies, and skills that you can develop in order to properly prepare yourself for the best odds of being successful possible.

Our minds are incredibly powerful tools that can create change quickly in our lives. The ability to vizualise is essential, and we are going to take a look at how to tap into this powerful tool in order to create change as fast and as easily as possible.

The first step in this process is to think about something you want to develop in yourself. This may be anything from building confidence to overcoming a fear. Once you recognize what it is you want to improve or develop within yourself, think back to a time in the near past in which you were faced with a situation where you were faced with this fear or lack of this trait in yourself.

The second step in the process is to replay the scenario in your mind, but to view it as a third person watching you and the other person or people during this scenario. Look for a moment in the situation where you could have responded differently and more in alignment with how you would like to respond in similar situations and circumstances.

The third step is to create a new ending for the movie in your mind. How would you react or respond in that same situation if you were able to do so exactly as you wished? What would that part of the movie look like? When you create this part of your mental movie, play it over a few times in your head.

The next step is to begin your visualization again from the beginning. This time you will stop at the spot in your movie that we identified before. Once you reach this part of your imagery, replace the last part of your mental movie with the ending you just created.

The last and final step in this process is to replay the new movie over and over again in your mind, but do it from your own point of view, through your own eyes. Since your mind is unable to tell the difference between physical reality and mental thoughts, it will program itself to respond according to your programming in any given situation. The more you play your mental movie in your mind, the more you are going to be able to respond that way when you are in a similar situation in the future.

Creating change requires a simple and small set of tools, yet they are far from easy to develop and use properly. Understanding how the principles in this technique work will allow you to gain control of your mind in ways you never imagined, and to create things in your life you never dreamed possible. Give it a try and watch how quickly you begin to recognize a difference in the results you get in various areas of your life.

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