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Benjamin Brudnicki and Mike Vaders posing after earning their Jr. Black Belts.

Ben Brudnicki and Mike Vaders test for their Jr. Black Belt on Saturday, September 15th. The test went extremely well and the energy was upbeat and entertaining. Although the test took a little more than 3 hours, both of these young men kept going until the end of it all. The test required them to know a variety of different information. In order to earn their Jr. Black Belt they needed to demonstrate a number of different things. Although this list does not include everything they were required to know in case they were tested, it does include the majority of what they were asked today in order to accomplish their goal and earn their black belts. Here are some of what was required of these guys including:

  • All past Japanese vocabulary words for all 5 Modules.
  • All history and information from Module 1 through Module 5.
  • They had to give a written account of 6 techniques they were going to demonstrate, and demonstrate those techniques.
  • Proper rolling to escape locks, holds, and throws.
  • Free sparring with Shihan Miller for 2 minutes each.
  • Not get hit by a Shinai, Shihan Miller's choice on type of strike.
  • And way more that doesn't end with the stress they had to cope with.

Check out the video and pictures below to see how well they did!

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