If you're serious about women's self defense training, regardless of whether the training is for you or for someone else, you must approach the subject with knowledge and clarity. Without these two elements - the clarity about what it's like to be the smaller, weaker person, defending against a larger, stronger attacker coming at you with hatred, rage, and contempt...

...and the knowledge of how to use what you do have to bring the attacker down, quickly, easily, and with the least amount of wear-and-tear on yourself in the process.

The problem, however, with most martial arts and self-defense programs is that they don't make any distinction between self defense for men and women's self defense training. And that, is a dangerous problem!

If you're a woman, and your serious about getting effective women's self defense training, you must make sure that the program you're considering is either:

1) Designed with women in mind, or...

2) Taught using principles and concepts - not rigid, unchangeable techniques.

I know that this sounds obvious, but it bears pointing out: You are not a man!

Again, I know how obvious that sounds, but there is a lot of understanding that you will have to recognize and develop under neither that apparently simple statement.

The point here is this...

You should not be learning techniques that require you to need as much as, if not more, in the way of size, speed, or strength - as that of a man. Your training should not have you "muscling" anything to make it work.

If it does - run! Don't walk - run away from that school, that program, and that instructor.

If the techniques, strategies, and tactics that you're learning are not teaching you how to do what you need to do, and be effective, with as little effort as possible...

...if you are not learning to "fight smarter - not harder," then you need to find something else. Because...if you have to struggle to make a technique work in class, with someone who isn't really trying to hurt you - seriously - then how are you going to be able to survive an attack from a brutal male assailant who has size, strength, and the element of surprise in HIS favor?!

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