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As an active local student of Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller and Warrior Concepts Black Belt Life Mastery Academy, you have access to many benefits which serve to make your training more productive, and help you to progress much more quickly towards Black Belt Mastery! (If you're one of Shidoshi Miller's international long distance students, click here to log in through the International Student Training Website)

Even if you're still thinking about training with us at our training facility, we have many things to help you to determine if training with us is right for you. So, go ahead and register now to gain access to the Sunbury area's best training academy teaching authentic Japanese Bujinkan Ninja Training; effective, real-world street self-defense; wilderness and urban survival tactics; guided focusing and visualization meditation; and personal development / Life Mastery lessons.

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If you're a new or current active training student with us, simply follow the instructions you were given, either by your instructor or sent via email.  Then, once you're set up and your "Active Student" account is switched on, you'll be free to access the "Member's Only" area to download your student training and resource materials.


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We know that once you see what WCI has to offer, that you'll want to tell everyone you know about us. That's not a cocky or arrogant belief - but rather a sentiment that has been shared with us by just about every student, parent, or guest who has experienced what Warrior Concepts has done for them personally. We also know that if we are serving you properly, meeting your training needs, and helping you to create a better, healthier, more fulfilling, and more secure life for yourself and your loved ones, that the best compliment you could give us is to...

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Feel free to tell your friends and family members about us on Facebook, Twitter, at school, in church... anywhere you can share these lessons with those you care about and want to help to live more powerful, and less stressed lives.  And remember to click the social icons on this and other pages on the site to "Like", "Share," and "Follow" us for additional content, lessons, and help!

And don't forget that we have both a referral program where you can earn everything from special award patches which can be worn on your uniform, to discounts on your training gear through "The Dragon's Den" our Pro Shop... all the way to even getting us to pay for some or all of your tuition... well as special Gift Certificates for gear, training programs, etc. that you can give loved ones to show how much you really care about them.

After all...

Protecting yourself and those you care about is the sign of a true warrior - not just in the martial arts, but...In LIFE!

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