In the spirit and tradition of the Warrior, regardless of the culture or era, there has always been a common thread - a common ideology - which has guided the men and women who have chosen this path. Through all of the philosophical expressions and explanations about "engaging the world," "overcoming limitations," or "protecting self and loved ones," the path of the warrior has always involved one very special quality: the giving of self for the benefit of others.

Of course, there are those who call themselves warriors, and certainly live up to common perception and simplified definition of the term which implies "engaging in war, or conflict." But, the true warrior sees beyond their own ego-centric sense of self to the greater good and always uses the skills of violence and destruction as a last resort. Only after all other options have been exhausted, or the situation dictates that it is the only course of action, does the enlightened warrior fight.

Let us always be reminded of a long history passed to us by those who have given the ultimate gift, the gift of life, so that others may live in peace and comfort. Use the life stories of those who sacrificed the easy road of lackadaisical living for one of service. For, as the Japanese warrior teacher and 33rd Grandmaster of Togakure Ninjutsu, Toshitsugu Takamatsu once said, "No one would willingly choose to be a warrior - to choose to get up early in the morning and train for hours in cold, chafing armor, while others lie warm and sleeping next to a lover..." It is a heart-felt drive to do what must be done. To do what others can not or will not do.

This gift, or sacrifice, is rarely given with an expectation of a return or reward for the warrior. No, he or she gives of themselves, not for reward but, because they can. It's what they do. It's who they are.

At my own dojo ("training hall"; lit. "place where enlightenment takes place"), as with many other traditional martial arts academies that focus on this warrior ideal, we have an established set of beliefs and values that, together, express the heart of a warrior. It defines "us" and is a reminder for our staff, students, family members, and others. It is who 'we' are and what 'we' hold to be important in our world. Here are our Belief's and Values:

Without loyal clients, friends & family, nothing else matters

Our most valuable assets are our staff and our vision

There is great strength in numbers & what the world needs is more individuals who are powerful, confident and in-control of themselves and their lives

We are experts in the field of self-protection and personal development. That's it. That's what we do

We will strive to constantly improve our products, facilities, programs and services

We provide a support group and central meeting place for like-minded individuals seeking to unlock their untapped potential

There is enough lying, illusion and self-serving manipulation. We will always be honest with ourselves, our clients and our world

There is no purpose for warrior skills aside from the protection and security of life

Warriorship is much more than fighting for trophies or the job
of a soldier - it is a mindset and a way of life

Our corner of the world will be a better place because we arehere
Not only will our client's lives, homes & families be safer and happier, but our community as well because we enable our staff to serve with compensation

Life is Short

Dream Big - Play Hard - Laugh Often - Live Free - & Be Happy!

A moral code of action - a set of beliefs and values, when driven by and expressing the warrior's heart, is not only a set of beliefs or rules to follow, it is a promise. A promise to not only achieve one's goals, but, to help others and to leave the world a better place than we found it.

So, what are your belief's and values? What guides your Warrior's Heart?