If you're serious about women's self defense training, regardless of whether the training is for you or for someone else, you must approach the subject with knowledge and clarity. Without these two elements - the clarity about what it's like to be the smaller, weaker person, defending against a larger, stronger attacker coming at you with hatred, rage, and contempt...

...and the knowledge of how to use what you do have to bring the attacker down, quickly, easily, and with the least amount of wear-and-tear on yourself in the process.

The problem, however, with most martial arts and self-defense programs is that they don't make any distinction between self defense for men and women's self defense training. And that, is a dangerous problem!

If you're a woman, and your serious about getting effective women's self defense training, you must make sure that the program you're considering is either:

1) Designed with women in mind, or...

2) Taught using principles and concepts - not rigid, unchangeable techniques.

I know that this sounds obvious, but it bears pointing out: You are not a man!

Again, I know how obvious that sounds, but there is a lot of understanding that you will have to recognize and develop under neither that apparently simple statement.

The point here is this...

You should not be learning techniques that require you to need as much as, if not more, in the way of size, speed, or strength - as that of a man. Your training should not have you "muscling" anything to make it work.

If it does - run! Don't walk - run away from that school, that program, and that instructor.

If the techniques, strategies, and tactics that you're learning are not teaching you how to do what you need to do, and be effective, with as little effort as possible...

...if you are not learning to "fight smarter - not harder," then you need to find something else. Because...if you have to struggle to make a technique work in class, with someone who isn't really trying to hurt you - seriously - then how are you going to be able to survive an attack from a brutal male assailant who has size, strength, and the element of surprise in HIS favor?!

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3 Powerful Self Defense for Women Tactics

While some experts would debate whether or not self-defense training is or should be different for women, one only has to look at the facts to see the truth. These facts come in the form of crime statistics and reports that detail, not only the fact that a woman was the target of the attack, but also "how" and "why" she was attacked.

In addition to the fact that women will inevitably have to deal with many attacks that are less likely for men - attacks like...

1) Being slapped instead of punched

2) Being pinned and immobilized to be taken advantage of sexually, instead of being restrained for additional assailants to punch, kick, or bludgeon

Women also have at their disposal, a few techniques and tricks that just won't work for us guys.

I mean...Can you imagine a man...

1) Lifting or opening his shirt to expose his chest?

And yet, this unexpected move on the part of a female defender might just give her the time she needs to distract her would-be assailant before following up with a more permanently disabling move.

2) Using his purse as a weapon?

What purse, right?

I talk about this powerful tactic in my courses for women all the time. However, unlike other instructors, I don't have a woman go through her purse to inventory the contents as though each were a potential weapon. The truth here is that, if it's not already in your hand ladies, you're not going to be able to use it. However, I have seen what women put in their handbags and my advice them is...

...just use the purse!

3) Offering to let the assailant have his way with you?

I don't know about most of you guys but, unless I'm in a prison environment, which are not in my short OR long-term plans...

However, using the possibility of sex as a tool, regardless of whether the attacker was looking to rape his victim or not, could be a means to get him to drop his guard, or at least to get him into a different position where his strength and size are easier to deal with.

What I teach students in my articles, books, videos, and live programs may not be terribly popular with many people, but it doesn't change the fact that this is the way things are. And, if a woman truly wants to survive a dangerous attack, then she might want to add these suggestions to here little bag of tricks. They may require her to put her "princess-side" on the shelf momentarily, but I'm sure every women can muster just enough "she-devil" to do the trick!

There has been a surge of social media posts in the local Greater Susquehanna Valley lately of women and their children being stalked in local shopping centers. There are a few things that can be done in order to help keep you and your loved ones safe before it ever gets to the point of a physical abduction or attack.

Here are 3 powerful tips to help keep you and your children safe. Although these are basic strategies and ideas, they are a great start toward saving the life of those you care about most, including yourself.

1. The first tip is to pay attention. Keep an eye on your surroundings and your children. It takes less than 10 seconds in a public location such as Wal-Mart for someone to grab your child and leave without anyone even noticing. It is essential that you keep your children within eyesight at all times and never let them get more than a few steps away from you.

It is also important to pay attention to your surroundings and anything that seems out of place or out of the norm. One tactic that is used, for example, is to place a $100 bill in the windshield wiper of your vehicle. As you are distracted chasing the money they grab you or your child and run. If you notice that someone or a group of people seem to be watching you and following you around the store it is essential that you don't ignore it. It could be what saves your life.

2. If you notice something out of the ordinary you should immediately get yourself and your kids to safety. This doesn't mean jumping in your car and running home. It means getting to the front counter or help desk and informing them of what is happening. You may be wrong and you may appear paranoid, however, it is better to appear paranoid than to ignore it out of fear of looking silly. Ignoring it could leave a mountain of regret so get past your fear of looking stupid and go tell someone who can help.

3. Start paying attention to situations and opportunities that someone would have to get to you or your children. Where in your life do you travel that would be the perfect location to grab you or your children? Do your children go to the bus stop alone? Do you work some place that has an open parking lot making it easy to grab you there? Do you drop your children off at after school activities without walking them in and out?

It is essential to evaluate those parts of your life that make you vulnerable and open to surprise attack. Do not be lulled into a sense of security simply because you believe it cannot happen to you or those you love. Being in denial is the biggest reason most people never take action, and why those same people end up being a victim.

Sadly the majority of women who take our rape prevention classes are women who have already been a victim and never want it to happen again. We wish more women would enroll into these programs BEFORE they become a victim so that we can provide them with the necessary skills to prevent that from happening.

Take advantage of our 6-week special right now in order to gain some basic skills for keeping you and your loved ones safe. This program includes:

There have been countless reports of women and children being stalked in the Central Susquehanna Valley at locations such as Coal Township's Wal-Mart, the Selinsgrove Wal-Mart, and other locations in our area.

Once you or your children have been taken it's to late to wish you would have done something different. Here are some tips to help keep you and your children safe, however, without training on how to avoid these situations and stay safe before it gets physical, the chances of survival are extremely slim.

You can get started now by visiting http://sunburymartialarts.com/membership-options/

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5 Steps for Quick Change

We all search for ways to develop results in our lives as quickly and easily as possible. Although there is no magic bullet that solves every problem, there are techniques, strategies, and skills that you can develop in order to properly prepare yourself for the best odds of being successful possible.

Our minds are incredibly powerful tools that can create change quickly in our lives. The ability to vizualise is essential, and we are going to take a look at how to tap into this powerful tool in order to create change as fast and as easily as possible.

The first step in this process is to think about something you want to develop in yourself. This may be anything from building confidence to overcoming a fear. Once you recognize what it is you want to improve or develop within yourself, think back to a time in the near past in which you were faced with a situation where you were faced with this fear or lack of this trait in yourself.

The second step in the process is to replay the scenario in your mind, but to view it as a third person watching you and the other person or people during this scenario. Look for a moment in the situation where you could have responded differently and more in alignment with how you would like to respond in similar situations and circumstances.

The third step is to create a new ending for the movie in your mind. How would you react or respond in that same situation if you were able to do so exactly as you wished? What would that part of the movie look like? When you create this part of your mental movie, play it over a few times in your head.

The next step is to begin your visualization again from the beginning. This time you will stop at the spot in your movie that we identified before. Once you reach this part of your imagery, replace the last part of your mental movie with the ending you just created.

The last and final step in this process is to replay the new movie over and over again in your mind, but do it from your own point of view, through your own eyes. Since your mind is unable to tell the difference between physical reality and mental thoughts, it will program itself to respond according to your programming in any given situation. The more you play your mental movie in your mind, the more you are going to be able to respond that way when you are in a similar situation in the future.

Creating change requires a simple and small set of tools, yet they are far from easy to develop and use properly. Understanding how the principles in this technique work will allow you to gain control of your mind in ways you never imagined, and to create things in your life you never dreamed possible. Give it a try and watch how quickly you begin to recognize a difference in the results you get in various areas of your life.