A Practical and Common-Sense Approach to Women's Self-Defense Using the Martial Art of Ninjutsu

By Sensei Jeffrey M. Miller

Founder & Director of Warrior Concepts


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Sexual crimes and other attacks against women are on the rise everywhere. Regardless of the type of acts committed, most of these crimes will never be reported (only 1-in-5 rapes are ever reported to the police). And, you and I both know that...

This needs to stop!

Sounds obvious, right? Apparently not.

What do I mean?

I mean that there's a very common belief with many that crime will never touch them because they are someone special or invincible.  Obviously this is a very dangerous myth. Because, when they realize that they're wrong, it's too late.

And, as long as we human beings have free will, the reality is that some people will choose to be criminals, just like others might choose to be a mechanic, waitress, or doctor.  It should be apparent to you by this point in your life that, regardless of laws, punishment, or other deterrents, those who choose to be criminals, or those who never learned to control their anger and impulse to lash out against others, something else needs to be in place to stop them.

The other thing that needs to stop, or at least be minimized, is the feeling of helplessness that most victims feel - after they've been attacked.  And, the way to do that is completely opposite from what most people fight and lobby for.  More on that in a bit.

But, what happens now?  What contributes to the feeling of helplessness and victimhood that many feel before, and after an attack?

To understand this, we need to contrast the common approach we've been taught works, but that doesn't, with something I discovered very early on in my own life.  You see, the common approach looks like this:

A woman is raped, beaten, or abused. She becomes a victim of a horrible crime. And then, often times, as she's trying to get justice...

She is victimize all over again, but not by the same attacker this time... but by the same legal system that's supposed to catch and punish the attacker.  Instead, she's made to feel like she caused, or was somehow the reason the attack happened.

The problem is that, her awareness and concern over being attacked - over being victimized - over having her life trampled through by another human being who chooses to act like a savage animal... is made ten times worse by the very people who we were taught are supposed to help her.  The problem is...

This approach is just backwards.

It's like the proverbial saying that "puts the cart before the horse!"

It puts catching and punishing the attacker first, with little to no attention on our own responsibility to protect ourselves in the moment the attack is occurring or, better yet, before the attacker ever thinks of choosing us as his target!

Knowing how to defend yourself can not only save your life; it can empower you to be able to survive the aftermath should something happen. And the martial art of ninjutsu can do that for you on many different levels.


above I answer this question, and discuss many more topics related to effective self-defense for women in my book, "For Women Only!"  If you want to learn more, and make sure you have a greater advantage in protecting yourself, you can get it free at: http://www.warrior-concepts-online.com/womens-self-defense-book.html.


Ninpo-taijutsu (pronounced "nin-poe tie-joo-tsoo"), the armed and unarmed self-protection method within a martial art known as Ninjutsu, the self-defense system that forms the foundation of the programs at Warrior Concepts, can be the perfect tool for you, if you're really looking for a guaranteed, effective method of women's self-defense. Ninpo-taijutsu is .

Ninjutsu is the "umbrella" name given to the self-defense and life mastery sciences passed down by the Ninja warrior men and women of ancient Japan. What that means is that the lessons, both for men and women's self-defense, as well as success n all areas of your life, have been tried, tested, and proven for over 900 years - through some of the worst periods of human history.

That means that they have worked, time and again - they are time-tested under the worst conditions - and the lessons of ninjutsu have survived through to today. But, what does that mean for you - especially if you are a woman living in the 21st century - someone who is afraid of what might happen if you're not prepared - someone looking for a self-defense program for women that is proven to work?

Excellent question!

And in a short answer...

You learn how to "not" be a victim!


self-defense and safety video

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You learn how to defend against one are more attackers, not in a sport karate ring, but on the street - in a real women's self-defense situation - against an a real attacker who is bigger, stronger, and heavier than you are!

Seriously. How cool would that be, you knowing how to defend yourself and maybe even your kids?

Look... An assault happens once every 17 seconds, most of which are committed against women.

Some of these assaults are serious like rape, beatings, even murder. Some happen on the street, some at home, and many - like in the social and medical fields - happen every day as a part of your job, in cases of workplace violence.

As a recent example, the Daily News of New York had this story on page 21 of Wednesday's paper:

"Elusive groper strikes 2 times"

The story goes on to detail the story of a pervert who follow one woman home. Then, even after she had yelled at him and tired to push him away, he grabbed her crotch and then ran off. Before that incident he had tried looking up another woman's skirt, as she stood in a subway station.

How could ninjutsu have helped those women? After all, isn't this the question that you should be asking when you think about buying into any book, video course, or self-defense program?

If it isn't... it should be!

So, how can the Ninja' self-defense art of Ninpo-Taijutsu help in these instances of women's self-defense? First by recognizing that they were still attacks, even though o punches, chokes, or rapes occurred. And, even if the attacker didn't brandish a weapon like a gun or knife.

They were still attacks on women - unwanted attacks on the individual that effected her, even if that effect was not physical!

What could these women have done, using the martial art of ninjutsu as their method of women's self-defense?

Let's start with the one who's assailant followed her home. Okay?

Chances are he had been following her for awhile - waiting for an opportunity to strike. Which means that being more aware of her surroundings, coupled with many of the art's methods for increasing our intuition and ability and sensitivity to the presence of danger before it strikes, could have saved her from the disgrace and humiliation of this perverted, deranged, and filthy animal, putting his hands on her body.

Even if he had evaded her awareness enough to attack anyway - had she been trained in the art of ninjutsu, when he attacked her, she could have defended herself by using any number of Kyusho ('Pressure Points') techniques in combination with knee kicks or a kick to his groin.

I'm pretty sure that this would have made her attacker think twice about his next victim and whether or not she was trained in effective women's self-defense techniques. And her confidence and sense of accomplishment would have easily carried her through the aftermath, knowing that she taught her attacker a much-needed lesson!

Don't you think so?

The same goes for the woman in the subway who could have used the subtle, body-shifting techniques for close quarter combat taught in the Ninja's self-defense system, coupled with sensitivity and awareness, to easily slip her attacker's would be grab at her skirt and keeping her dignity intact. And, using the sensitivity and awareness skills that I talked about earlier, she would have been more aware of his movements.

Knowing how to take care of yourself is necessary in these dangerous times, whether you're a man or woman. And, learning ninjutsu as an effective means of women's self-defense will not only teach you to defend yourself, but it will give you the peace of mind, feelings of confident self-sufficiency, and the control over your safety and security that you're looking for.


Women's Self-Defense Book


Effective women's self defense requires more than just a few "karate moves." It involves the ability to think strategically, and understand how to defend yourself with as little wear-and-tear on you as possible - against an attacker who will be bigger, stronger, and determined to succeed!

How? Start by following the steps above and decide to be responsible for your own safety and survival. You might also want to read this book on, women's self-defense"For Women Only!" It's available free at: http://www.warrior-concepts-online.com/womens-self-defense-book.html.

When you're ready to take the next step towards developing the real-world skills needed to protect yourself from an actual attack, or you have a group that would benefit from this kind of training, give us a call at the Academy about our special women's self-defense seminars, as-well-as regular, ongoing classes.  You can call the Academy at: 570-884-1118.

Originally published Oct. 6, 2011


Are you brand new to martial arts or brand new to the area?

Have you been going to dojo after dojo trying to find the right instructor who can teach you self-defense arts? Or, are you just beginning your search?

With all the choices out there and everyone under the sun claiming to be the next great hope, it's hard to decide who is worth training with and weeding out the who are just trying to make a buck teaching ineffective techniques to people who don't know any better.

If you are a newbie (we all were once), it makes it even harder to know what is real and what is not. This article provides a few tips to help you find exactly what is right for you.

    • Tip # 1: First and foremost, you need to decide what it is that you are seeking to gain from the self-defense arts. Are you looking for a hobby to do once or twice a week that will enable you to go to tournaments and compete, or are you looking to learn practical self-defense that you can be used for self-protection in a real-life situation. The point is, there is a HUGE difference between these two approaches.
    • Tip # 2: Whatever school you choose, ensure that you click with your instructor. If your self-defense teacher doesn't like you, or you do not like them, then it's not going to work. You should also take into account that what they're teaching and ask yourself, "Is this in-line with your beliefs, ethics and morals?"

If you'd like information about the great, no-obligation, Introductory Trial Programs, CLICK HERE to see what you get in each of the 3 options we have for you.

    • Tip # 3: Investigate the instructor's credentials. There are a lot of people out there that have attained their rank in the self dense arts through "black belt mills" - schools that just promote students for "time" rather than effectiveness - and pass on bogus information. Remember -- Just because someone is wearing a black belt, or call themselves a grand master, doesn't mean they are worthy of the status they proclaim.
    • Tip # 4: Be careful of instructors who proclaim that "their" self-defense art's style is the only real style that will hold up in a street attack. The truth of the matter is that every style of the self-defense arts has its inherent strengths and weaknesses. In addition, there is so much more to martial arts than just the fighting aspect. If that is the only aspect of your self-defense or martial arts classes, then you're not really learning true self-defense.


If you would like to learn more about serious, real-world self-defense training, then I suggest reading my new book called, "Fight Smarter - Not Harder." You can download it for free at: http://www.warrior-concepts-online.com/street-fighting-self-defense-book.html

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parenting child safety bookJeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI is an internationally-recognized self-defense instructor, trainer, and consultant. He is the author of over 800 articles, several video-based home study programs and self-defense books, including "Advanced Self-Defense Combat Tactics" (Kindle) and "Danger Prevention Tactics: Protecting Yourself Like a Pro!", both available on Amazon.com.  Jeff has trained private citizens, companies, and law enforcement and security professionals across the United States, Canada, Germany, and Ireland, making him one of the most sought-after experts in the field of personal protection and safety.

Contact the academy at 570-884-1118 and register for an upcoming seminar or enroll into one of Dai-Shihan Miller's proven and time-tested, life-saving programs!

Do you want to learn a few simple knife defense tips that might help save your life during a violent attack? If so, read on.

Some of the most dreaded confrontational situations that you can find yourself in are ones in which your opponent pulls a knife on you. When a knife appears in an attacker's hand, the stakes are instantly raised.

What knife defense techniques should you attempt, then, when you see the glint of light reflecting on a sharp blade? You might only have an instant to make a decision and the wrong one might be the last one that you ever make.

Tip Number 1:

Try to diffuse the situation while gaining distance. Sometimes a situation can get out of hand for everyone involved; there are times when even the one with the knife knows that things have gone too far.

Step away from your opponent slowly, try to lower the tension by means of conciliatory dialogue.

But don't turn your back on your attacker; you want to know where the knife is at all times because if you don't know where the knife is, it is almost impossible to mount a successful knife defense against it.

Tip Number 2:

The best defense might be a strong offense in many situations, but if tip number one fails to work - if your opponent can't be reasoned with - don't think about defeating your opponent, think about getting away safely.

That's right, the best knife defense is a safe escape. Remember, you can't do any of your cool moves if you are close enough to cut you easily!

Rather than attempting to grapple with or strike your opponent, focus on your body movement; on maneuvering yourself away from your opponent's knife; on unbalancing your opponent; on placing yourself in an advantageous position to flee.

Tip Number 3:

Use your environment to your advantage. Try to distract your opponent to give yourself a chance to escape or, if that fails to work, to protect yourself. An upturned stool can work as a simple, effective means of knife defense to help keep those slashes and stabs at bay.

Is there anything within easy reach that you can quickly pick up and throw as a distraction without taking your eyes off your attacker? Train yourself to recognize them so that you always have something to use.

Tip Number 4:

If you have no choice but to attempt a knife disarm, remember that complex, fancy techniques will probably be ineffective at best and get you stabbed at worst.

Pay close attention to your opponent's body language, because it often betrays movement before it has a chance to happen. Consider, though, that it takes training and experience to effectively read these sometimes subtle signs.

Don't go for the weapon, wait until an anticipated attack has been initiated and try to neutralize the hand and arm holding the blade. If a disarm fails, don't fumble around, trying to make it work. Instead, quickly disengage and regain your distance.

You'll notice that I have not written a step-by-step guide on how to actually attempt a knife disarm here. This is because knife defense disarming techniques are not things that you want to attempt after only reading an online article about them. Beware of practical-seeming disarming techniques that look good on paper, or in online videos, but don't work in real life!

To learn effective knife defense techniques you should seek out a qualified instructor with hands-on, real world experience in dealing with knife-wielding aggressors. Don't settle for less, and don't put your faith in luck to save your skin.

Effective knife defense and self-protection requires more than just a few "karate moves." It involves the ability to think strategically, and understand how to defend yourself with as little wear-and-tear on you as possible.

Are you a woman looking to learn effective, reliable, and practical self-defense? The truth is that, in the world of women's self-defense training, there is a lot of misunderstanding about what you need to know to survive. But, one thing is certain, if you really want to be able to survive a brutal attack, you had better be clear about where the threat may come from, and from whom!

In other articles about women's self-defense and having the ability to defend yourself against bigger, stronger, and intensely determined attackers, I have talked about having the proper attitude, and developing the survivor's mindset. To have the right attitude, you must be able to see the value in yourself, and be committed to surviving an attack - no matter what.

In order to develop the proper mindset, you must be able to identify the actual, or most likely, threats that you as a woman will have to face. Statistically speaking, most women that encounter violence or sexual assault are assaulted by someone they know. I'm not going to bore you with a bunch of statistics, but as a minimum in order to be able to effectively protect yourself...

...you should know that 40% of all rapes take place in a victim's home, and another 20% take place in a friend or relatives home. Also, approximately 70% of rape victims know their attacker. Therefore, from a women's sel-defense standpoint, you have to be aware of where and to whom you are most vulnerable in order to protect yourself effectively.

The bottom line is this, no matter what the statistics say, when it comes to effective and reliable women's self-defense training, each woman has her own unique life, and therefor will have to be prepared to protect herself somewhere she normally finds herself.

That means that, if you;re ever attacked, everything will depend on your own unique situation. The risk factor and most dangerous places for a single woman going to college will be different than for a woman in a stable marriage - who is a homemaker. However, that does not mean one should not have a plan for a place that they are unlikely to encounter something, because you always have to be prepared.

In reality, if you are a woman and you are isolated from everything or everyone else, then you need to have a plan of defense in place. You need to know the critical principles and concepts upon which all tactics, techniques and strategies are built, so that you can create a sound plan of escape, evasion, or counter-attack should you need to.

Unfortunately, the most likely place for any woman to be assaulted or raped is in her own home, in a friend's home, or in the surrounding area. Other places that are dangerous for women are their workplace, public parks, parking garages, colleges etc... A lot of places do not have to be desolate or dark to have to protect yourself. You could be walking at the park, a van drive up, someone jump out, pull you in, and drive off. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

The question is, as a starting point, do you have a plan of action for each of the places that are close to home, in your home, or familiar to you? After all, these are the places that will give you the greatest advantage over your attacker! Everything else becomes more and more difficult due to the unfamiliarity and disorientation that you will be facing.

After identifying the location(s) where you will be the most vulnerable, you need to identify the people who put you at the most risk. In actuality, if you have never had an incident with that person before, then you really do not know if they are a threat or not. Usually more often than not, it is someone you are either related too, know professionally, a friend or an acquaintance. Please know that I'm not out to make you paranoid about the people in your life. Just prepared.

If you think it will be difficult to strike, kick, or break the body of a complete stranger - if you can just imagine the shock and disbelief of being attacked by someone you've never met...

...imagine what that's going to feel like when the attacker turns out to be someone you know and love?

Have you ever heard someone say that it seems like family and friends will cheat you before a stranger does? The reason for that is because they are the ones that you trust the most, and you let them get closer to you than you ever would a stranger.

In the context of women's self-defense, the same is true; except that you are trusting them with something much more valuable than money... your life.

I will also say it again; that does not mean you rule out strangers and go around in public with your "eyes wide shut". This also doesn't mean that you should alienate everyone in your life.

What I mean is that to protect yourself with a balanced, aware, and objective women's self-defense attitude and mindset, you must understand, that the people you know could end up being the most likely culprits. If you have one of your acquaintances that stops by when he knows your home alone, they could be looking for an opportunity. It could also be a stranger saying he needs to make a call because his car broke down.

Either way, when that women's self-defense sixth-sense kicks in (regardless of where you are), make sure that you listen to it. Do not feel pressured or be "guilt-ed" or coerced into allowing them to come into your home. Listen to your intuition and, when the hair on the back of your neck raises, it means you're in danger and someone has a bad intention for you. Regardless though...

...with the proper training in effective and practical women's self-defense techniques, tactics, strategies and skills - you "will" be able to protect yourself.

Effective women's self defense requires more than just a few "karate moves." It involves the ability to think strategically, and understand how to defend yourself with as little wear-and-tear on you as possible - against an attacker who will be bigger, stronger, and determined to succeed!