Defensive Handgun Tactics I Course

Level 1 - Basic Combat Tactics

Defensive Handgun I is the first in a series of three Tactical Handgun courses - each addressing essential skills required to effectively use a handgun in a real-world, personal or home invasion-based self-defense situation - an attack where you and your loved ones will be counting on your abilities the most.  You must have at least a fundamental skill level with regards to being able to handle, clear, load a handgun, as well as the ability to shoot and hit a target - the skills taught in WCI's Basic Defensive Handgun Course - to be able to take this course.

Being able to hit your target on a range, and even having a basic understanding of the rules of law governing the use of force in self-defense are good places to start at this point in your skill development. But, for those seeking serious tactical proficiency, under pressure and against a murderous attacker (not a range target), a much broader set of abilities is required. Each of the three Defensive Tactical Handgun courses taught through Warrior Concepts International not only teaches these essentials, but also builds on the skills, lessons, and techniques taught and practiced in the preceding courses to give you the greatest advantage possible when lives are on the line .

Prerequisite: Ability to perform basic safety, maintenance, operational, and shooting skills as taught in the Beginner's Defensive Handgun Course, 1-on-1 instruction, or similar training.  You must be able to load, unload, and clear your own weapon without assistance to be able to take this course!

About The Course: You will begin the day in the classroom with discussions about general and range safety, the realities of a self-defense situation involving firearms, basic gun handling for combat (not target shooting), threat awareness, and combat mindset.  You will also run through a set of drills designed to destroy myths and beliefs that even the best shooters can have regarding an actual combat scenario.

During the range portion of the course, you will review the draw/presentation of the pistol, manipulation skills, and malfunction clearances.  You will also participate in defensive shooting drills, timed-fire shooting, as well as some basic moving and shooting techniques as well as shooting from multiple combat postures.

This program is designed to  greatly enhance your ability to be prepared for, and use your pistol in a real-world, self-defense situation.

This course is a prerequisite for Defensive Handgun II.

Your training day consists of approximately 2.5 hours of classroom time and 2.5 hours of live-fire range time, with a 1 hour lunch break and travel time to our outdoor range.

Course Goal: To lay a proper tactical foundation for the development of the critical, life-saving skills required to confidently and effectively carry and use a handgun for personal defense, and to provide the student with techniques and exercises to further develop and refine these skills long after the course is over.

Topics include:

  1. Legal Issues and the "Rule of 3 Attackers"
  2. Weapon Selection and Options
  3. Carry and Draw Options, Advantages and Limitations
  4. Neutralizing Recoil in a Life-Saving Situation
  5. Essential Malfunction Clearing
  6. Tactical and Speed Reloading
  7. Scanning and Simple Movement
  8. Combat Distance, Aiming, and Minimizing Your Targets
  9. Attacker-Defender Psychology - Knowing the Difference
  10. Range Drills Focused on Operating Under Pressure


Next Course Date(s):

Sunday, September 15th, 2019 - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM**


This program was developed by Warrior Concepts founder, Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI.  Mr. Miller is an internationally-recognized self-defense expert, speaker, author, and workplace violence consultant.  He has taught law enforcement, security, and military professionals, as-well-as private citizens both here and the U.S. as well as in Germany, South Korea, and Canada.

Jeff is a former federal police officer, undercover black market and drug suppression investigator, private detective, and bodyguard, during which time he has worked to protect a former US Secretary of Defense and several international dignitaries,  the commanding general during Operation "Urgent Fury" in Grenada, and several members of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders while traveling for the USO.  In addition to his local Academy, he also has international students from over a dozen countries through his online training programs, and has helped such organizations as the Geisinger, Nissan North America, Sunbury Textile Mills, and the Keystone Area Girl Scout Council (now Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pa.).

What does this mean for you?  Great question.  It means that your instructor is not just good with a gun on a shooting range, but has been in the "hot seat," protecting himself and others with the knowledge and skills that he teaches - the same knowledge and skills you're trying to develop to save you and yours if the need ever arises!

Prerequisites: WCI's Beginner's Defensive Handgun Course or equivalent. A basic familiarization with handguns, their operation, safety procedures both on and off the range, and at least basic shooting skills is required for this course.

Cost: $125.00


  • 6 hours of course instruction (plan for 8 hours total including lunch and breaks)
  • Range access and time
  • Student materials
  • Targets
  • Certificate of Training from Warrior Concepts International

Student Responsibility

  • Complete Liability Waiver prior to the start of course
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to course start for check-in
  • Have everything you need to get started (see below)

What to Bring With You:

  • Personal Firearm (pistol or revolver)**
  • 2 magazines (clips) for pistols or 1 speed loader for revolvers
  • 150 Rounds of ammunition for your weapon's caliber
  • Hip style holster recommended for this course
  • ** Notebook HIGHLY recommended, but not required.

** This should be the primary weapon you carry, or intend to carry, for personal protection.



  • Students under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult participant (ask about family discount for courses)
  • Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time to complete registration and check-in
  • Students with felony convictions, under psychiatric care, or who appear to be intoxicated, extremely tired, or agitated may not participate
  • Students arriving more than 10 minutes after the designated start time may not be allowed into class and will need to reschedule

***Did We Mention... Please plan to arrive 15 - 20 min before course start time to complete the necessary check-in process. This will give us time to make sure that everything is in order (waiver signed, you have required gear, etc.), or for you to complete the necessary forms and/or get things from your vehicle before the course start time.