The Road to Black Belt Begins
With That All-Important First Step?

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Take YOUR First Step Towards Black Belt Mastery!

with this special...

Introductory Martial Arts Mini-Course
3-class Beginner's Trial Program

Thank you for your interest in this no-obligation trial program.  It's a great first-step in allowing you to see if the Warrior Concepts Black Belt & Life Mastery Academy is the right option to help you become the stronger, better you that you want to become.  Whether you're looking to develop better confidence, discipline, concentration, a more positive attitude, or you're looking to develop rock-solid skills that will allow you to keep yourself and your loved one's more safe in this often unsafe world, the Warrior Concepts Black Belt & Life Mastery program is designed to help you do just that.

And, let's face it... the study of the martial arts is one of the most fun and satisfying endeavors you will ever do!


Your Special Martial Arts Introductory Trial Mini Course I‌‌‌ncludes:

  • Everything in the Prospect Membership Package:
    • Program Brochures
    • Class Schedule
    • Prospective Student Application & Questionnaire
    • Information about how WCI can help you attain your goals
    • Black Belt Course Training Outline & Rank Promotion Guide
    • ‌ ‌Member-Only Online Newsletter
    • ‌‌Hints & Tips for making yourself more safe, confident, and able to protect yourself & others important to you.
    • ‌‌Invitations to Special Events, Seminars, Online Programs, and even our yearly Training Trip to Japan!
    • ‌‌Special Discounts on Programs, Gear, and More!


  • ‌ ‌1 Special, 1-on-1 Private Starter class*
  • ‌‌2 Basic Level Group Classes
  • ‌‌New Student Starter Booklet
  • ‌‌Personal Goal Analysis
  • ‌  Official Martial Arts Beginner Uniform ($40 value)
  • ‌  White Belt Exam & Martial Arts White Belt ($35 value)

* If the student is in our 4 - 6 year old trial program, you will receive an additional group class as we have found that very young children do better in a group session rather than a private, 1-on-1 session with an instructor
who is a stranger to them (which is only natural).

This special Introductory Beginner's Course has a real value of $185, but we are offering it for a limited time, so you can see if the martial arts is right for you, for an incredibly low price of just $29.95

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"Life-changing no matter what your age! A fantastic investment in yourself."


Rick Whistler, Vice President & General Manager
Adult Program Student & Grandfather of Youth Student

Getting started is simple and easy...

To reserve your place in this special, 3-class Martial Arts Introductory Trial Mini-Course, simply complete this simple form and click the submit button.  Then, after checkout, you will receive a Welcome email and one of our staff will follow-up to schedule your first, age-specific, class session.  We can't wait to meet you and have you become a member of our dojo ('martial arts training hall') family!

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If you'd prefer to register by phone, please call the Academy at 570-884-1118, and we would be glad to help you get started!