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Easy, No-Obligation, Introductory
Martial Arts Trial Course

Taking your first step is as simple as calling the Academy today at 570-884-1118 to schedule your first Introductory class. When you do, our friendly and helpful staff will assist you in setting up your first, private martial arts class as a part of your Introductory Martial Arts Trial Course.

Together with your instructor, during your first class, you will do 3 very important things:

1) You will tour the Academy and see why we are the area's premier academy of professional martial arts and personal development training

2) You will sit down with one of our licensed instructors for a personal goal and needs assessment to determine if our programs are right for you. And...

3) You (or your child) will engage in a 30 minute, private*, one-on-one martial arts lesson, so that we can assess you, and so that you can experience our teaching approach to further determine if we are a good fit. During this class, you will be introduced to our core unarmed self-defense system, known in Japanese as Ninpo-Taijutsu, a system of relaxed, natural body movement that has been proven and time-tested for over a thousand years - and personally used successfully on the streets and against real criminal attackers by our master instructor during his earlier career as a professional law enfrcement officer, undercover investigator, private detective and body guard.

* NOTE: Due to age and other considerations, prospective youth who are under 7 years of age enter directly into our unique "Little Dragons" group classes so they can begin having fun with our younger students right away! That means that ALL 3 of their classes will be group sessions.

In this easy, life-changing class, you will learn several basic lessons which will prepare you for your upcoming group sessions so that you won't feel uncomfortable, lost, or like you don't know what to do. In fact, unlike many programs which require you to learn and practice for months or even years, you will learn how to handle a few of the most common attacks, and have some real, workable skills -- from your very first class!

Then... after this class... your instructor will help you to schedule 2 more group classes, which you will take with other new beginner students just like yourself. In these fun, interactive classes, you will expand on what you learned in your first class, as well as prepare to pass your very first martial arts belt exam -- and be ready to take your place as a future Black Belt student of Warrior Concepts Black Belt & Life Mastery Academy!

These three classes are an important step in your future with us here at Warrior Concepts, as they will help you determine both if martial arts training is right for you, and... if committing to the training program at WCI is where you belong.

Your Introductory Course Also Includes...

Along with your one (1) private, and two (2) group classes with us, you also receive:

-- A special New Student Introductory Packet which will answer many of your questions

-- Your martial arts white belt exam and white belt (earned between your 2nd and 3rd class)

-- A FREE month certificate to use when you enroll into one of our Programs, and...

-- An official martial arts student uniform! (This alone is a $40 value!)

The total value of this Introductory Martial Arts Training Program is $185.00, but is available this month only for just...



Discounts available for additional family members

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