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Beginner Martial Arts Karate Class Sunbury Selinsgrove Pa

"Kick-Start" Beginner's Course
6-Week Introductory Program

Take YOUR First Step Towards Black Belt Mastery!

Thank you for your interest in this great starter program.  It really is the best option for giving you the "kick-start" you need towards achieving your Black Belt, and the extra confidence, power, and control you're looking for!

So... if you're ready to kick-start your training and know you need more than a few trial classes to start developing the traits of better confidence, discipline, concentration, a more positive attitude, and in developing a solid foundation with the self-defense skills that will allow you to be the protector your loved ones need you to be...

...then this introduction to the Warrior Concepts Black Belt & Life Mastery Program can help you, just as it has helped literally thousands of local men, women, and children to do the same.

And, let's face it... the study of the martial arts is one of the most fun and satisfying endeavors you will ever do!

Your Special Introductory Beginner's Course I‌‌‌ncludes:

  • Everything in the Prospect Membership Package:
    • Program Brochures
    • Class Schedule
    • Prospective Student Application & Questionnaire
    • Information about how WCI can help you attain your goals
    • Black Belt Course Training Outline & Rank Promotion Guide
    • ‌ ‌Member-Only Online Newsletter
    • ‌‌Hints & Tips for making yourself more safe, confident, and able to protect yourself & others important to you.
    • ‌‌Invitations to Special Events, Seminars, Online Programs, and even our yearly Training Trip to Japan!
    • ‌‌Special Discounts on Programs, Gear, and More!


  • ‌ ‌1 Special, Kick-Start Private Class
  • ‌‌12 Basic Level Group Classes (x2/per wk)
  • ‌‌New Student Starter Kit
    • - New Student Kick-Starter Booklet
    • - Module 1 Student Training Workbook
    • - Class Attendance Card
    • - Student level Website Access UPGRADE
  • ‌‌Personal Goal Analysis
  • ‌  Official Martial Arts Beginner Uniform ($40 value)
  • ‌  White Belt Exam & Martial Arts White Belt ($35 value)
  • ‌  Preparation for Your Next Belt Promotion
  • ‌  Personal Progress Tracking
  • ‌  $100 off Certificate towards Mastery Level Upgrade! (Making this program more than FREE!)

This special Introductory Beginner's Course has a real value of $425, but we are offering it for a limited time, so you can see if the martial arts is right for you, for an incredibly low price of just $95.

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"Life-changing no matter what your age! A fantastic investment in yourself."


Rick Whistler, Vice President & General Manager
Adult Program Student & Grandfather of Youth Student

Getting started is simple and easy...

To reserve your place in the Kick-Start 6-week Beginner's Course, simply complete this simple form and click the submit button.  Then, after checkout, you will receive a Welcome email and one of our staff will follow-up to schedule your first, age-specific, class session.  We can't wait to meet you and have you become a member of our dojo ('martial arts training hall') family!


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