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"Master Your Self - Master Your Life!"

Bujinkan Ninjutsu Training in Sunbury Selinsgrove Pa

"A great investment in yourself, no matter what your age!"

-- Rick Whistler, VP / General Manager
Black Belt, Father of Adult Black Belt Student & Grandfather of Youth Student

If you're looking for the best martial arts training available for yourself or someone in your family, you've come to the right place. The world-renowned Warrior Concepts' Black Belt Mastery Academy, formerly Miller's Martial Arts, has been the number-one choice for professional self-protection and personal development training in the Central Susquehanna Valley for over 20 years.

All programs at Warrior Concepts are under the expert guidance of internationally-recognized security and self-defense expert, Jeffrey Miller.  Master Miller and his staff of certified instructors have helped literally thousands of area men, women, and children - everyday people just like you - transform themselves and their lives using the life-changing programs at WCI.  These are your neighbors, co-workers, and maybe even family and friends who have developed the power, confidence, and control of true leaders - true modern master warriors - people in command of their own lives and personal safety!

And YOU Can Be One of Them !

If you live in the Sunbury, Lewisburg, Northumberland, Selinsgrove, Middleburg, Milton, Shamokin, Danville, or Watsontown areas of Pennsylvania, and you want to gain the benefits that the martial arts are well-known for, just click on the program below that best fits your needs.  When you try one of our unique Introductory Trial Programs, you'll learn first-hand why Warrior Concepts is the Central Susquehanna Valley's premier academy for professional self-defense and personal development training. .

Which Warrior Concepts Program Is Right For You?

"LITTLE DRAGONS" - Training for Little Warriors

*THE area's original program for very young children.  Others have copied the name, but no one can copy this program!

  • Professional classes for children 4 to 7 years old
  • Manners, discipline, coordination, and more!
  • WCI's unique "Beyond Stranger-Danger" program
  • Designed around your child's needs and primary threat
  • Your Child Will LOVE IT!

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Books & Videos By Master Miller

"MIGHTY TIGERS" - Training for Young Leaders

  • Classes designed especially for school-age kids 8-12 years
  • Improved sconfidence, elf-esteem, discipline, focus, and the
    "Yes, I Can" attitude!
  • Lessons for overcoming unhealthy peer-pressure
  • "Bully-Buster" tactics for winning WITHOUT fighting
  • Respect for parents, teachers, and law & order
  • A parent's quickest Path to Positive Change!

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Anti-Bullying eBook
By Master Miller

"MASTER LEADERS" - Training for Teens & Adults

  • Proven, Time-tested and effective self-defense
  • Improve your health, fitness level, and stress-control
  • Earn your Black Belt!
  • Transform Yourself!
  • Increase your focus, concentration, and achieve your goals
  • Authentic Japanese Bujinkan Ninjutsu - the Art of the Ninja!
  • Master Your Self - Master Your Life!

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Safety Video By Master Miller
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