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Take Control of Your Training & Progress Towards Black Belt Mastery!


This special section of the WCI website is for you, the serious student of Ninjutsu and the self-protection and personal development arts taught by internationally-recognized senior master-teacher, Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller. Use the special links below to gain access to your:

Module Level Materials:

  • New Student Handbook
           Available soon (Being Updated and Revised)
  • Curriculum Workbooks
         Adults     Youth
  • Student Creeds, Vows of Intention & Codes of Action
            Click Here
  • Weekly Job "Chore" Sheets (Youth Only)
            Click Here
  • Testing outlines/requirements
           Available soon (Also located in the back of your curriculum workbooks)
  • Intent to Promote Forms
         Adults     Youth
  • Class Schedule
         Click Here (To open as a PDF) -- OR -- Click Here to View in Page

ALSO... as you peruse this site, you will also find access to other special articles and video lessons that were written and/or created by Shidoshi Miller; your Sponsorship (Refer-a-Friend) forms you can use to give your friends and family members the gift of training at WCI, as-well-as registration links to upcoming events; special training camps, seminars and workshops; and your training gear requirements as you move through your levels. In fact, when you registered for this section of the website, you were added to a special email list that will be used to send you special information, updates, event reminders, and your issue of the monthly student newsletter.

As we get everything into place, you will also find the necessary links that will allow you to order your training gear, and have the ability to pay your tuition online, any time of day or night.