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"Real Training for Real People in a Real World!"

Beginner Martial Arts Classes Near Me

3 Great Introductory Trial Programs to Choose From!

Programs Designed to Meet Your Needs & Goals!

  You'll find several programs designed specifically with you in mind here at WCI. Whether you're looking for the classical martial arts training of Japan's ancient Samurai and Ninja warriors, street-ready self-defense training, or the personal development and life-enhancement benefits that come from meditation and having your own Life Coach... we'll help you find the program that's right for you. But, more than that...


We'll Also Tell You When WCI is NOT Right for You!

While everyone else is trying to "sell" you on their programs and brand of training, at WCI we know that our programs are not for everyone.  We know that everyone has their own needs and goals when it comes to martial arts, self-defense, and personal development.  We also know that when you enroll into one of our programs, you are doing 2 things:

      1. You're entering into a long-term relationship with us. One that is built on trust and a partnership of learning and progress that will change the way you see, think about, and do practically everything in your life. And...
      2. You're placing your trust, faith and, in the case of martial arts and self-defense training... you are placing your very life in our hands - until you have learned the critical lessons and are skilled and capable enough to take it back for yourself!

We're not sure that other schools and instructors have even considered this... but we have. We take our position as self-defense instructors very seriously, and know that we have to make sure that what we teach you... WORKS!  In fact, our master instructor has used what he's teaching you, on the streets as a police officer, bodyguard, and undercover investigator... against real attackers.  And...

...we want you to know that we understand your concerns, goals, and challenges - because we were once exactly where you are right now.

Remember...we specialize in proven, time-tested, real-world self-protection and personal development training.

No Games.  No Sport violence, competitions, or 'tough-guy' chest-pounding.

That's it. That's what we do.

Your First Steps Towards BLACK BELT MASTERY!

And to you having more of the Power, Confidence & Control! you're looking for!


So...if you're looking for fantasy, martial arts role-playing, taking part in karate tournaments or being the next MMA or UFC superstar... then we're not the school for you. However, if you ARE looking for the best training available, and from teachers who have used these same lessons to survive and be successful in Today's often dangerous world...

If you're ready to take action and get started, then we invite you to call the Academy right now at (570) 884-1118 and tell us what you're looking for.

If not, no problem.


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  ...and get started learning more about the unique, life-changing programs specifically for adult students like you at WCI. When you do, we'll send you a free brochure detailing our adult programs here at WCI, some background information about our founder, Senior Master Instructor Jeffrey M. Miller, so you can begin to see why we are the Central Susquehanna Valley's number one source for professional self-defense and personal development training...

...but we're also going to give you a free subscription to our Master Instructor's online newsletter. Then, you'll find out exactly how we can help you:

Master Your Self - Master Your Life!