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Authentic Bujinkan Ninjutsu Martial Arts in Sunbury Selinsgrove Pa

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Martial Arts in Selinsgrove Pa

Get a Free Week of Professional Martial Arts
Classes in Selinsgrove PA


Only 20 Vouchers Available! Click the button to download your voucher for a
Free Week of Martial Arts Classes at WCI's Black Belt & Life Mastery Academy.

What a Few of Our Students & Parents Are Saying

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martial arts classes in sunbury pa

"Life-changing no matter what your age! A fantastic investment in yourself."


Rick Whistler, Vice President & General Manager
Adult Program Student & Grandfather of Youth Student

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Programs to Choose From...

martial arts classes for children in sunbury pa

The Warrior Concepts Youth Mastery Program for younger children was the first of it's kind in the area, and unlike others using the same name.  The "Little Dragons" program curriculum, like all WCI programs, was developed specifically for preschool age children ages 3 1/2 through 6 years old, and designed to address both the needs of most parents with children in this age group. This program offers younger children a strong foundation in essential character qualities such as courtesy, respect, and discipline; is designed to improve children’s motor skills and enhance their ability to pay attention and follow directions; and addresses their primary self-defense threats: 1) being attacked by bigger kids, and 2) being picked up and carried during a child-abduction scenario.

Contrary to popular belief, very young children do not have the same balance, coordination, or mental development and understanding as that of older children.  The Little Dragons' program curriculum acknowledges these diffences, including the fact that they typically learn better in a game-like atmosphere.  So, this unique program balances your child's developmental needs with their own need to have fun during the learning process. This program prepares your Little Dragon for entry into the "Mighty Tigers" or "Big Kids" program by teaching them about the advancement process, how the martial arts belt system works, and provides them with a foundation in the basics of self-defense that will be built upon when they move up to the next level of training.

The rank and testing system used by the Little Dragons is different from that of the youth and adult belt system.  This is due to the confusion that would be caused if your son or daughter had to wear belt colors they already earned, even though the program they're now in is different. Their belt system had two phases, with each phase focusing on not only their ability to protect themselves, but to also understand the importance of knowing how to get help should they become separated from a parent, teacher, or caregiver.

A success-based Student Creed, as well as academic requirements, and even some Japanese vocabulary round out the standard program.  Little Dragons also have the opportunity to enroll in extra fun and educational programs, such as: "Kid-Ninja Martial Arts Summer Camps," "Movie Nights," and even certain extra skill workshops like board-breaking clinics, "Glow-Chuk" training, etc.

Don't wait to give your child the chance to succeed, start your trial now by clicking the link on this page, or by calling the academy at 570-884-1118 Today!

kids martial arts classes in selinsgrove pa

Warrior Concepts' Youth Mastery Program goes beyond karate for kids.  Designed especially for 7 - 12 year olds, our Mighty Tigers or "Strong-Kid / Safe-Kid" program combines the time-tested and proven self-defense skills of Japan's ancient Samurai and Ninja families, with a series of life mastery lessons that give your son or daughter the tools for success. This special martial arts for kids program is designed to help you teach them the core lessons of confidence, discipline, focus & concentration, as-well-as the importance of showing respect for themselves, parents, teachers, and the law.

WCI Youth Mastery training is unique among martial arts because we are not a sport-oriented school.  We do not attend sport competitions, which means that your child will never earn a trophy or belt for "beating someone up." This is because Ninjutsu (the martial system that forms the basis for the training here at WCI), along with the Master Instructor's desire to teach fighting only as a last resort, makes the program unique because our focus is strictly on self-defense and personal development.  The youth program is an individual, personal achievement-based activity rather than a team sport. Therefore every student is an active and valuable participant in class. They train and learn with other children their own age and progress at their own pace.

The Warrior Concepts Youth Mastery program is perfect for parents looking for a non-competitive activity that is not just fun, but that also teaches their school age children lessons they will use throughout their entire life. Beginning with the development of a core set of success traits, and progressing through the ability to handle bullies and unhealthy peer pressure, your child will learn the importance of goal-setting, hard work, personal responsibility, and be a leader and someone that others can trust and rely on should they need it.

Since its introduction in 1989, the Mighty Tigers Youth Mastery Program has helped thousands of children in the Central Susquehanna Valley to become positive, powerful, and productive members of their families and their community. By combining the Discipline of traditional martial arts training, learning Respect through life skill development and developing the Confidence and Self-Esteem gained through hard work and progressing towards Black Belt and beyond, your child will advance in the martial arts while reaching their fullest potential.

Since martial arts is an individual activity rather than a team sport, each child is an active and valuable participant in the class. They train with kids their own age and size, well supervised conditions, and under the guidance of caring, compassionate instructors, while feeling the pride of becoming not just a Black Belt in the martial arts, but in Life!  Karate for kids at Warrior Concepts; not just martial arts for children, but the quickest way to positive change!

Don't wait. Give your child the keys and lessons to succeed and to stay safe in this often unsafe world.  Click on the link above or call the Academy at 570-884-1118 to get started today.

Bujinkan ninjutsu classes in sunbury pa

The Warrior Concepts' Black Belt & Life Mastery program is based on time-tested and proven skills designed to allow the serious teen or adult student to create the life they've always dreamed of living, and protect that life from anything that might threaten it. Unlike a children’s program, adult programs at WCI focus on stress and conflict resolution, as-well-as real-world self-defense skills that are perfectly suited to the threats most common in today’s often unsafe world.

Studies show that most adults drop out of conventional martial arts programs within the first 100 days due to a lack of realistic self-defense training - solutions to the kinds of attacks and problems they are concerned about having to face.  The Warrior Concepts Adult martial arts curriculum was designed by internationally-recognized self-defense and personal development expert, Jeffrey M. Miller.  Sensei Miller has written or created well over a dozen books and video training programs on the subjects of real-world self-defense, the ancient Japanese art of Ninjutsu - the art of the Samurai and Ninja of ancient Japan, and the timeless lessons of personal development and life mastery that have been empowering others like you for nearly 3,000 years!  And, perhaps most importantly, as a former federal police officer, undercover investigator and bodyguard, Sensei Miller has used the same techniques, skills, and lessons that he'll be teaching you, against real attackers and stressful life situations in the real world.

Men and women often enroll in adult martial arts classes for the ability to take care of themselves and their loved-ones from danger. And, even though most of our adults seldom, if ever, get into a physical self-defense situation, they often find themselves, however, in an uncomfortable situation, such as walking to their car late at night, or escorting their spouse or friend in a less than secure neighborhood. It’s at times like this that martial arts training, and the preparation, increased awareness, and ability to focus, greatly enhances your ability to really take care of yourself, or someone you care for, should something happen.

These reality-based martial arts for adults classes will help you reach your goals of self-sufficiency, and to be the warrior-protector that your loved-ones need you to be. When you enroll in the Warrior Concepts Black Belt & Life Mastery adult martial arts program, you will very quickly see an improvement in your overall flexibility, strength, awareness, and ability to relax and handle stress.  There is nothing like martial arts training to help you reach your maximum potential both physically and mentally, regardless of your current age, fitness level, or prior experience level.

Ninjutsu martial arts training for teens and adults at Warrior Concept Black Belt & Life Mastery Academy goes beyond conventional martial arts and personal development training.  It is the fastest way to greater Confidence, Power, and Control!

Stop waiting for "some day," or letting life get in the way of a more focused, confident, and stress-free you.  Click on the link or call the Academy at 570-884-1118 to reserve your place in this life-changing training today!


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