"For Women Only!"

Special Introductory

Women's Self-Defense &
Personal Safety Seminar

For Women & Teen Girls (13 & older)

"While there are universal principles regarding self-defense for both men and women, the reality is that women also have very specific types of attacks, and defense, that are unique to them."
-- Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI
Author of "Danger Prevention Tactics", "The Karate-Myth" & "For Women Only!"


What do you do when...

... a bigger, stronger attacker chooses you as his target?

Do you have the skills needed to protect yourself and get back to those who depend on you for protection and care?  Or...
... are you the concerned parent of a daughter who will be graduating from high school and going off to college or taking her place out in the world within a few short years?
At Warrior Concepts, we know that we live in an often dangerous world, filled with those who would threaten your safety and security. As concerned citizens and parents ourselves, we know that it is our personal responsibility to be able to protect ourselves from the demons who seek out the ignorant, unaware, and unprepared who end up in hospitals and morgues every day.  We know our clients and students want to be self-sufficient and self-reliant people who can protect themselves and others from the bad guys.

And, just like you, we believe that good people should always be able to win against evil.

Which is why we put together a special, 1-day, Introduction to Women's Self-Defense & Personal Safety Seminar for women and teen girls who want to give themselves the best chances for surviving a brutal attack should one come at them.  This life-changing and empowering introduction to self-defense program designed to teach women just like you how to prevent, protect, and defend yourself should danger find you.

WHEN: November 3rd, from 9am until 4pm

WHERE: Warrior Concepts Black Belt & Life Mastery Academy
(Across from Red Robin on the strip in Selinsgrove)
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ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of self-protection and personal safety. Mr. Miller is an author and co-author of several books, including "For Women Only" and "Workplace Violence in Mental and General Healthcare Settings," as-well-as the "Danger Prevention Tactics" dvd available on Amazon. Jeff has presented to professional organizations and worked with clients both here in the US, as well as around the world. He has put together one of the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-learn and use programs available today. His straight forward approach and effective real-world focus provides women with the necessary skills for escaping from and surviving a brutal attack.